“Living in the 70's” is Garry's follow up to the Fab 60's, although following a similar pattern the book cleverly departs from tradition with interleaved anecdotes and photos from the author's past. These anecdotes serve as milestones throughout the decade. Written in Garry's usual fast paced style, interposing fact and a modicum of fiction, this book will interest and amuse not only those that lived through this period but anyone that is curious about this part of our 'modern' history. Another excellent read. Bring on the 80's.

Martin Humphries


Living in the 70s-

The 1970s was the Me decade. Suddenly, it was all about the self, the spotlight, rights and centre-stage.

Garry Willmott remembers the 70s when he was a go-getting young man, replete with long hair, a mo, a bleached denim shirt and flares. Work was important. So was surfing.

Year by year, Garry takes us through the decade. Using his experiences as a touchstone, he widens the focus to show us the salient points of the Me decade. The Space Race, Patty Hearst, Wars, Concerts, Films, Disasters, Triumphs, Crime…oh, and lets go for a Kombi-drive down Memory Lane!

Living in the 70s takes us back to the turbulent times that some of us remember, just like Garry.

Sally Odgers


I absolutely loved Living in the 70s. I loved the way you wrote it from your perspective, which added another dimension to the book. it brings back heaps of memories some good some not so good , but memories none the less. Your writing is informative, thoughtful and thoroughly researched. Really enjoyed the book. Well done.

Trevor Macintosh

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