Brothers in Arms

Customer Reviews

A beautifully written book about families in war and the ramifications upon them in the aftermath. Crafted in the tradition of pure historical novels, this novel not only portrays family ties, but also highlights with clarity the import of total family committment and the devastating effect war has on their future. An imaginative, wholistic and historically correct book. Absorbing to the end.
A revelation, I wholly recommend this book to all and encourage all generations to enjoy, embrace and learn from this absorbingly written novel.

- Ian Jones

The author tells the story of love, greed and the desire for power between twin brothers on the background of 2 world wars.Its historically accurate, narrative and at times vividly descriptive.It follows the journey of one family and ultimately the search for truth.This book is hard to put down ,an enjoyable read with a very British flavour.

- Chris McClean

Not my usual type, but enjoyed every word. A real page turner. Kept my attention from start to the end.

 - Mrs Kimberley D Krarup

Brothers in Arms was not only a compelling read I learned so much about the horrific wars of the 20th century. I highly recommend it.

- A.L.  Shearer