Red Lights on the Somme

Customer Reviews

This book is one of the best books I have ever read. When I finished reading it I felt like I wanted to read it again. I highly recommend it.

- Von Gracey

Co - Founder, Pozieres Remembrance Association



I recently read “Red Lights on the Somme by G.S.Wilmott. I thought to peruse the first couple of pages then revert to the novel I was reading at the time.

Once I started into the storyline I was hooked and didn’t put it down until I had read the last line.

The characters, the history, the humour of the time kept me totally engrossed, I felt I was sharing the experiences. I also shared the anguish of the families back home

when the letters arrived advising of the death of a loved one.

A fascinating read and one I highly recommend

- M.Weber

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Red Lights on the Somme’ not a wasted word was to be found - This book is written in a striking style and has great force in its realism and delivery. One of my lasting impressions from this book is its representation of the fickleness of war, of life, for all those lads. A great book - VERY readable. Thank you Garry Wilmott - I am coming back for more. 
- Guy Walton - Singer Songwriter


I have just completed reading another book by Garry Willmott; “Red Lights on the Somme”. Garry’s compelling reading of our diggers on the Western Front was more than I expected having read many books on the Western Front. While reading this book I was in the moment along side these men. What a fantastic read and what made it better for me was while reading this amazing book I was on the Western Front at the time. This book is a must read. Well done Garry and I will be reading more of your books soon. Thank you for the dedication and the research that you put into your books. I have 3 Great Uncles who fought on the Western Front only 1 has a grave. Thank you for remembering them in a style that makes it fun to read but also you learn something on every page.

- Yvonne Hall