You Forgot The Sauce

Customer Reviews

I had the pleasure of reading another great read by Garry Willmott and fully enjoyed it. The main topic of dementia and Alzheimer’s is close to my family as I am sure it is to many of us. Following the lives of the family involved here was stirring and emotional. If only a cure could be found.

- Kimberley


Funny, enjoyable and lighthearted whilst being sobering and factual. Many of us will face this reality sometime on our life’s journey within our own families. It’s how we manage it together that defines us.

A well written and readable account of these complicated and poorly understood issues.

- Christine McLean-McIntyre

You Forgot the Sauce written by Mr G. Willmott was one of the best books I have read over the summer break. It goes at a break neck pace with twists and turns at every corner. I am suitably impressed at Garry,s literary abilities and look forward to a sequel.

- Tony Pittard



You Forgot the Sauce' is a poignant, contemporaneous story. A well researched, and easy read.

- Lysbeth Driesen