Gangsters and Whores


Gangsters and Whores had me captivated from start to finish  We have all heard of the Tilly Devine’s, Kate Leigh’s and Squizzy Taylor’s as part of our history but in reality, speaking for myself, knew nothing about them.  


Garry S Willmott has brought these and many more of the colourful folk from that era to life in this book, including photos of them, the places they lived and the areas and places they frequented. I can now understand what their life must have been like and why they lived as they did. There is a special place in my heart for Tilly Devine, achieving what she did after such a traumatic childhood. Absolutely a book everyone should read and learn more about our history.


Jan Blakeborough

Living in the 70s - What about me?

 I have read through your latest and must say I enjoyed it very much. It came to an end far too soon. I really enjoyed the snippets of your personal journey throughout. I must admit that being 'cossetted away' double shifting in IBM data centres in London from 72 to 79, I didn't realise just how violent the 70's were. Cricket ? World's first ODI between Australia and England.
I'm sure there was lots that you had to leave out. Anyway it was enjoyable. Thanks for letting me read it.


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