Garry has written 19 novels 12 of which are published. The remainder will be published shortly.

The following reviews were written by selected preview readers.

Small Farm Warriors’

Preview Reader


“Yet another great read from Garry Willmott. Small Farm Warriors is filled with the lives and stories of men who contributed, in a special way, to the Australia we all know today. From the war-torn streets of France to emus in the Outback, from Kokoda to sheep farms - Garry tells us how these fellas fought and then worked to create a life for themselves and their new families. In some cases, this appears not to have worked so well and in others…..well, where would we be without their efforts on the land? I enjoyed this book and I learnt stuff I didn’t know. Thanks, Garry”.


Guy Walton - Singer-Songwriter

For those with an interest in Australian Military History, this book not only draws one’s interest to the life in the trenches of WW1 and to their sons in WW2 that occurred twenty years later but also ‘larrikinism’ of the Aussie digger abroad during these periods in history.

This book held my interest for its full length with just the right amount of all the emotions depicted. The ups and downs of the men both when serving and on their return to Australia.

A well researched and written book which does not disguise the author’s interest in the Soldier Settlers of Australia and Commonwealth countries. Definitely a good read and I do hope it gets published.

by  G. & F. Threlfall


The Last Pirate Hanged & The Ship with no Name - An Omnibus


Garry has developed into the master of his genre. A very tall man among us mere mortals. A sincere and robust storyteller who deserves every tribute. This work is his best yet. 

- Andy Causon, artist


The first book tells the story of William Swallow who was found guilty of theft and sentenced to be ‘transported for the term of his natural life.’ He arrived at Port Jackson in 1828. The conditions where had been assigned to work were deplorable and the master fond of the lash. William and two others decided to do a runner. Recaptured, he was sent off on the supply ship Cyprus bound for Macquarie Harbour and the notorious Sarah Island. It was on this journey that William and seventeen others took control of Cyprus. This was the beginning of thousands of miles of sailing and many daring escapades. Always with the fear of being recognised and retaken.

The second book tells of the exploits of James Porter, a convict on the hell hole Sarah Island. Sarah Island was to close as Port Arthur was now completed. James along with nine others were the only convicts still on the island as they had been engaged in building a ship the Frederick. James was literate and could sail a ship. He devised a cunning plan to escape on the open sea. He and his fellow miscreants had many adventures both daring and lustful. The twist at the end is nothing short of incredible.

This book gave a very descriptive account of the squalid living conditions in London at the time as well as the inhumane treatment of the poor wretched convicts. I enjoyed the read very much.

- Dawn Potocnik


Gangsters and Whores

Hi Garry, I have finished your book and absolutely loved it..  To find out the history behind people you have heard about was so interesting.  I am sure it is going to be a best seller.  I have also added my review and hope that it is satisfactory.



Gangsters and Whores had me captivated from start to finish  We have all heard of the Tilly Devine’s, Kate Leigh’s and Squizzy Taylor’s as part of our history but in reality, speaking for myself, knew nothing about them.  


Garry S Willmott has brought these and many more of the colourful folk from that era to life in this book, including photos of them, the places they lived and the areas and places they frequented. I can now understand what their life must have been like and why they lived as they did. There is a special place in my heart for Tilly Devine, achieving what she did after such a traumatic childhood. Absolutely a book everyone should read and learn more about our history.

- Jan Blakeborough

The Fab Sixties

In a delightful romp down memory lane, funny, factual and fast Garry has brought back many memories good and bad from the 'roaring 60's'.

Garry's style of mixing fact with some fiction makes it incredibly easy to read, cover to cover in one sitting.

A great read for anyone that was there even if you can remember it.

The 1000 Yard Stare 

PTSD through the ages

T​his book follows the effect of PTSD from the ancient time of Gilgamesh to the first responders at the Port Arthur massacre. Men and women suffering from what they witnessed during their line of duty. 

The Importance of Being Truthful

The second children's book teaching life lessons. The first book The Importance of Being Ivy has been very successful.


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