Caught Between Two Worlds


Mr Willmott’s story based historical plight of Vietnam in its bid to release itself from the shackles of colonialism, cleverly intertwines factual and fictional in a fast paced, gripping and easy to read story.  While a few facets of the war are retold in great detail the book focuses on the exciting personal story of an Aussie soldier and a Vietnamese girl during the conflict.  The story continues post war, with the couple running a successful global business. With the help of military friends and serious weaponry they destroy a murderous, drug trafficking ring.

The writer obviously knows the history of this part of the world, and has woven a thread of intrigue and mayhem throughout the book up to the very  last paragraph. It is very well written, highly enjoyable and a book that can be read in one sitting.


I look forward to Garry's next book and hope it will be as good as the previous four I have read.

Martin Humphries