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Garry has written twenty historically based novels, “The Other Side of the Trench -The Spirit of War” ,“Brothers in Arms” and “Red Lights on the Somme”, “Survival” “Small Farm Warriors”, “ Boys Own War”, “Colour Blind”  "You Forgot the Sauce" “Soul Survivor” and “Serendipity” Global Warming - A weapon of mass destruction, Grand Deceptions, Last Pirate Hanged,  Caught Between Two Worlds, The Fab Sixties, Living in the 70s and Gangsters and Whores.

He has also written a non-fiction book, "Escape" about true accounts of POW escapes.


A children’s book “The Importance of Being Ivy” was published in 2017 in honour of my granddaughter Ivy.

All books are available in both paperback and ebook. 


Garry has been married to Anna for over twenty years and has two adult daughters, Emma and Sophie from a previous marriage. 

He is the proud grandfather of Ivy born in April 2016.

Garry and Anna live in an 1840 homestead in the Huon Valley Tasmania. 

He had thirty-five years in the IT industry and had several articles published in industry magazines.

Born in Melbourne he has lived in five states and travelled extensively for both business and pleasure.

The reason for writing The Other Side of the Trench was brought about when he established “Let Them RIP” to pressure the Australian Government to introduce procedures to ensure the remains of fallen diggers were reported and buried with dignity.

After contacting over thirty politicians and many senior business people apathy was the only reaction he received. He contacted Andrew Wilkie who agreed to ask "the question" of Julia Gillard in Parliament. Her answer was predictable.

He decided the only way he could get the appropriate people to listen was to write a book, become famous as the best selling author and be invited to speak on television and radio.

So he did.

He has been interviewed on the radio a number of times and Ian McPhedran a well-known journalist had an article published across the News Limited papers espousing his views.

He remains committed to the cause although frustrated with the response. It seems not many care.
Lest We Forget  I Hope not

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