Global Warming


Global Warming is a complex thriller with Garry Willmott's trademark mix of fact, fiction and projection. From the death of one man, pilot Ericson, the story builds to a tsunami of blackmail, terrorism, compromise and revenge... and that's before the Russian mafia gets in on the act!
If you've enjoyed Garry's other novels, you'll love Global Warming. Just hold on to your hats and watch out for AK47s.
- Sally Odgers, author

Garry Willmott has a unique style of story-telling.  Many novelists construct a story which happens to take place in a particular period of history; Willmott, on the other hand, describes the history in detail and embeds his tale within it.

Most of us view history as some kind of solid object full of events, dates, places and famous people. But just as real solids are illusory, to the extent that the interstitial space is far larger than any 'solid' components, so too is history unless the enormous gaps can be peopled by the many minor characters who play their part.  Willmott chooses largely fictional characters to immerse within their historical context, so we characterise his books as “novels'” though one comes away with the feeling that they are “interstitial” novels, designed as much to inform us of historical events as to entertain.

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